Improving the diverse range of homes that Hertfordshire has to offer


it’s no wonder this place is often described as ‘historical’. If you happen to live in one of the town’s classic architectural properties or a building that is distinctively newer, EE can improve it in a number of ways. Plus, we work right across the county, from wonderful Hertford to stunning Stevenage.

Strong & secure doors suitable for every Hertfordshire home


With our wide range of durable and secure doors, we’ve got a solution that is suitable for any property in the area. Give the front or back of your property a facelift with a high-performance composite door. These come in classic and contemporary styles and a wealth of colours so it’s easy to find an option to suit you.

Do you want to create a stylish transition between the inside and outside of your Hertfordshire home, opening it up to light and air in the process? Bifold doors are just the ticket, although if you prefer a more classic-looking set of doors, we have French doors available instead.

Double and triple glazed windows installed throughout Hertfordshire


We install a wide range of double glazed windows to Hertfordshire’s diverse range of properties. We’ve got aluminium window options that are great for those modern townhouses and deluxe apartments, wood effect windows that sit beautifully on any country cottages or period homes, and our uPVC windows look good just about anywhere.


If you seek the best sound reducing and thermally insulating windows, we’ve also got a range of triple glazed windows available. If your windows are especially old, you will really notice a difference when replacing them with our triple glazing.